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From: Jean Philippe Schoeffel & Richard Legg

Dear Web Site Entrepreneur,

Let me ask you a question . . .

If you had to create a money-making website in the next two hours, could you do it?

Now for anyone brave enough to say 'yes' let me test you further . . .

Could you do it without a list, without JV Partners, without affiliates and without a product?

The truth is there are probably less than 100 people online today that could - I happen to be one of them . . . and call me crazy but I've decided to come out of the shadows and show you exactly how I do it to.

In fact I have created a series of videos were you get to watch over my should in real time as I take a simple idea and turn it into money in less than 2 hours...

I'll share with you every secret strategy I know
that you can use to generate your own autopilot
money making websites.

Yes, these are bold claims so I forgive you for being sceptical - after all money from 'fresh air' is a VERY BOLD CLAIM...

So before you read the rest of this letter and discover how to get your hands on these incredible videos  - take a few minutes to review some of the unsolicited testimonials I've received from people who have already seen my methods . . .

These are just a few of them:


" ...I followed video 2 yesterday and today I had more visitors than I've ever had and I made more in Adsense so far today than I did the whole month of Oct and it's only noon here! Thank you so much!"

Ron Chamberlain (PegasusTeam)

" ...I am shocked at the results. In 24 hours I have been spidered 253 times on a brand site. It didn't even exist day before yesterday"

Lance Mock

"Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, my adsense income was about the $5.00 per day. Thursday and Friday it shot up to $12.50 and $13.59 (videos released on Wednesday). And I have only watched and put into action, the first 2 videos. Need I say more... "

David Barnard

As you watch every step of how I build an automatic money-making site from SCRATCH, you'll discover...

  • The no cost methods to automatically getting 100 or more visitors per day within 24 hours of building your site
  • How to find a HOT niche in less than a minute
  • Where to instantly get free content
  • How to constantly have your site updated automatically
  • The fastest methods for making the most money with your site

You'll also see...

  • How to get your sites indexed in major search engines like Google and Yahoo in less than 24 hours 
  • How to quickly drive 100's of unique, targeted visitors to your site within hours for free
  • How to automatically build a subscriber list and newsletter
  • How to rank on the first page of Google and Yahoo for many keywords
  • How to generate money in less than 24 hours of uploading the site!!

Here's what you WON'T learn...

  • Methods that are time-consuming,
  • Methods that don't generate immediate (within 24 hours) traffic
  • Methods that are difficult or take great skill

You can use this process with ANY niche.
Once you build your site, you'll see results within hours. 

And you can use this process 100's
of times to build numerous sites,
all working to make you a steady income.

" Practical, innovative, easy-to-apply knowledge.  That's
what internet marketers need, and that's exactly what your
videos give them.  Extremely well done, JP, I loved
everything about them.   Even after being in the biz for years, I still learned something!

Scott Trimble

"Hi JP, This is without doubt the best online resource I have ever seen with regard to website building, optimisation and getting traffic to a website.I have been online for around 8 years and I learned a lot from your videos - Many Thanks."

Mike Russen

" ... I have learned more in one hour from your training than in 2 years on the net - fantastic!"

Barry Siddy

" I can't thank you enough for providing this masterpiece of information . These videos are by far the best product I have seen . they are full of information that can actually be used to build an income producing site . Thank you again""

Wesley Beck

" Absolutely amazing-Thank You Anybody new to site building must watch these videos! I am completely inspired and now have a plan to action!! "

Frank Foster

" ...The best video series on creating adsense pages from nothing. Very informative and easy to follow step by step plan..."

Rob S 

""Amazing - the steps you take are so clearly shown. Motivates me to now stick to a pattern and promote my sites the way you do. I am still dumbstruck with the ease of it all."

Swaminathan nvswaminathan  

"Absolutely Awesome Videos. Extremely Professionally done. A Step By Step to earn a sure fire income with All the Tools we need...What can I say - Just Btrilliant.  "

Hamant Keval

"wow, W-o-w, ok this may be the best i have seen"

Kenneth Svensson

Easy to follow and easy to implement regardless of your experience level. I highly recommend this video series.

Steve Pohlit

" One evening of these videos, worth more than a year of reading manual after manual. All I can really say here is wow!. Gotta rip my websites apart and start over. - THANK YOU! "


"Brilliant! Extremely well-done. And I've only watch the first video so far. ""

Jay Douglas

" These videos are absolutely amazing. Everything necessary to succeed with Google Adsense is completely explained in an easy follow format. What an invaluable tool for monetizing your websites"

John Anderson

" JP - These videos are absolutely wonderful. I feel like you've come and sat down beside me in my office and personally guided me through the whole process"

Lisa Davidson

"Hi Jean, I think your videos are outstanding! "

Scott Herrera

"Hi Jean-Phillipe, I must say this was very enlightening. Fascinating captain!! To say I was entertained is an understatement. I was riveted to the screen!! The content was outstanding, I loved it!! I think I'll have to watch em again!! Best Wishes,"

Jeff Davis

" "Hi JPS: Simply wonderful. Here is the missing piece of the puzzle. Wow..all the videos were scintillating .."

Sylvia Jayakaran

" l just hope that my members do not see your videos or else they will not need my services, you could easily charge 197 usd for these videos and they would still be cheap at that price..."

Peter Nicholls Online

Let Me Watch the Videos Now!!

Once again, If you had to create a money-making website in the next two hours, could you do it? 

Frankly, most people couldn't create a profitable website in the next two MONTHS, even if there was a gun to their head.

That's why I may be crazy for what I'm about to do...
And I'm not going to just tell you how I do it... 

I'm going to SHOW you how I do it...

During one month (October 2006), I recorded 'live' each and every step I took to create and promote a new site for my portfolio.

I have decided to bare all, and let you see the entire site creation process as if you were standing behind me. 

Once you've witnessed every step I took and every result I achieved, you'll be able to build your own money making sites at will. 

While one of these sites won't make you a fortune, it can earn you $75 to $500 or more each and every month, on autopilot (now, what about having 5, 10, 50...sites like this one? )

And you TOO can create AS MANY of these sites as you want.

This is the first ever live case study in the history of "website monetization..."

...also known as...

"How to make your site pull in the
biggest bucks possible."

Here are some addtional unsollicited testimonials I received when I first released these videos...

"Hi Jean-Philippe I am really impressed with your videos as unlike many others that have been offered, they actualy take you step by step and teach you precisely how to produce a winning and money making website...This set of videos really is a must have for anyone who is serious about making a living online."

Terry Till,

"Some of the best beginner techniques and tips I've ever seen."

Tim Robinson  

" The Visitor Sense Videos are a "must see" for anybody who wants to start making money on the Net fast."


"I'm utterly floored by the amazing simplicity and encouraging effectiveness of the methods you demonstrate in this video series.These resources are the cutting edge. Be There!"

Fred Holmes  

"Hi, I've just finished watching the first set of the new videos from JP - one word comes to mind - SUPERB - this is exactly the missing piece in most online marketers jigsaws. How to genuinely generate traffic is something I've been wanting to know for ages, a genuine, workable method, which this obviously seems to be. Thanks for these JP"

Jim Montgomery

You may wonder how much such a Live Case Study and highly recommended Tutorial program would cost you...An arm, a leg, what else?

When I decided to release these videos, I just checked the price of similar products on the market :

Marketers usually charge at least $197 to $247 for Video Tutorials. 

Now, my videos are not even close to what you've already seen or purchased on the net. 

They go many steps beyond "common knowledge", or "ebook knowledge" ; they will truly help you in making money online

Those are not videos on "how to apply to Adsense program", or "here are the different Adsense blocks you can use" :-) like I have seen on the latest adsense videos released on the market.

So, marketers have no problem charging $197 for their video programs, and they have no problem selling thousands of copies at this price point!

What do you think? 

I could charge $247 and it would still be a bargain as many of my members have already told me.

But, I released these videos mainly to show something radically new, unique and above all, I wanted to share a highly USEFUL AND AFFORDABLE content. So I won't charge you $247 or even $147.

Before I let you know the price of this gem, let me recap the content of this Video Live Case Study :

Video 1- Getting Prepared (15'):

  • Niche Selection
  • Domain Name Selection
  • Keyword Research
  • Gathering Content
  • Gathering Graphics (see also bonus videos)
  • Building the site

Video 2- Launching the Site (22'):

  • Generating Traffic within the first hours
  • Getting Indexed within the first 24 hours
  • Social Networking
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Blogging with Wordpress

Video 3- Analyzing the first results 24-48 hours after launch (11') :

  • Reading your stats
  • Keyword Performance within the first 48 hours
  • First Rankings in google

Video 4- Optimizing the site (12'):

  • Tracking your Adsense impressions and clicks
  • Analyzing your Adsense Stats
  • Optimizing the site
  • Promoting affiliate programs

Video 5- Adding features and "calls to action" or you can improve the "Return On Visitors" (14'):

  • Conceiving the newsletter
  • Building the newsletter
  • Setting up the autoresponder
  • Getting subscribers
Video 6- MySpace Marketing, or How to Generate traffic On Demand (7')

Video 7- Best Practices after 1 week of activity (10'):

  • SERP analysis
  • Keywords Performance
  • Adsense income
  • Affiliate income
  • Subscribers

Video 8- Learning points after 2 weeks of activity (10'):

  • Analyzing the performance
  • Article Marketing
  • Key issues
Video 9- Week 3 : managing your site on auto-pilot (5')

Video 10- Going further (17'):

  • Key Success Factors
  • Silo Structure
  • Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI)
  • Combining Silo + LSI or how to stay ahead of the curve

But that's not all...I will add 4 Videos
on How to Get Royalty Free Photos!

BONUSES - 4 Additional Videos on How to Get Royalty Free Photos (30')


So, here is the bottom line...

You Can Access All These Videos
Right Now For A Low One Time Fee of Only $97!!

Or... You Can Wait For Me To raise The
Price To $197 And Later To $247.

Order Now And Secure Your Copy
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YES! Give Me Immediate Access to the VisitorSense Video Course And Lock In My Low Price Of Only $97!

I'm Ready To Discover The Exact Methods You Use to Turn Websites into Cash Now!

I'm ready to Act Now and lock
in my low price:

About Your Product Delivery:
After your transaction has been processed you will automatically be taken to our secure download area. No waiting, no delays - You get instant access to this product - 24 hours a day - 365 days a year!


"JP... Your videos clarified everything and cleared the fog in my mind. I was smiling when watching them... because you explained everything step by step and thus I and everybody could replicate the process
"What a great work" I repeated that phrase about 50 times... "What an amazing work" still saying it.
To who ever reads these lines: Stop reading, relax, get a pen and your notepad and watch the videos. Then just replicate the system.
Remember to thank JP when you get your first traffic and commissions.
Congrats. "

John Delavera

"Hi JP... Brilliant - Quite Simply Brilliant!

These step-by-step tutorials give everyone a real 'in the trenches', and 'as it happens' insight into what actually
works - Strategies and techniques that will take them from concept to a real cash income...

I am always telling people, the hardest thing to do online is make your first few dollars, after that making more is
just a case of replication... The first few dollars is the tricky part - you solve it with VisitorSense!
Again Brilliant "

Simon Hodgkinson



P.S. You're still reading?

Are YOU crazy?

Join NOW for just $97 before I come to my senses and charge you $197 for these videos.

You can start watching the videos in a few seconds...

These videos are in streaming format and are not downloadable for copyright reasons. If you're on dialup, you may experience troubles to watch them.


"I have joined a couple of memberships and looked at countless others. I must say, yours is not only the best one out there, it is just impressive, period. As for the VideoSense tutorials; mindblowing. I cannot begin to express how impressed I am.  "

Scott Soloff

" is wonderful to see exactly how to do these things when you are someone like me who does not have a background in building websites."

Karen Adams


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